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Every year WPARA hosts an annual golf tournament at a local golf course. As well, we have a Windsor Professional Auto Repair Association Christmas Party of which a portion of the proceeds are donated to the W.E. CARE FOR KIDS FOUNDATION & MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY OF WINDSOR.

Cars For Kids

W.E. Care For Kids Cheque Presentation

W.E. Care For Kids Foundation Cheque Presentation

Automotive Industries Association of Canada "Right to Repair"

AIA Canada confirms that it is not mandatory that you return your vehicle to an authorized dealership in order to maintain the integrity of your vehicle warranty.

Here are some things you should know:

** In each province in Canada, all automotive service professionals, dealerships or otherwise, must meet the same criteria in order to practice their trade.

** The replacement components used by this establishment to service your vehicle meets or exceeds the specifications of the components manufactured by the automakers parts suppliers.

** Consumer protection legislation in Canada favors the consumer. Dealerships cannot restrict the choice of where your vehicle is serviced for regular maintenance.

In order to maintain the integrity of your warranty, the maintenance schedule outlined in your vehicle owner’s manual (or your extended warranty coverage contract) must be followed and documented.

Talk to your chosen automotive service and repair specialist to ensure the maintenance schedule for your vehicle is followed, and that the warranty repairs are undertaken promptly by the appropriate repair facility.

You always have a choice.

Right to Repair

Find out more at the Automotive Industries Association of Canada web site.AIA Canada


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